Source code for pytezos.rpc.errors

from pytezos.rpc.node import RpcError

[docs]class MichelsonBadContractParameter(RpcError, error_id='michelson_v1.bad_contract_parameter'): """ Either no parameter was supplied to a contract with a non-unit parameter type, a non-unit parameter was passed to an account, or a parameter was supplied of the wrong type """
[docs]class MichelsonBadReturn(RpcError, error_id='michelson_v1.bad_return'): """ Unexpected stack at the end of a lambda or script """
[docs]class MichelsonRuntimeError(RpcError, error_id='michelson_v1'): """ Catch all michelson_v1 errors """
[docs]class TezArithmeticError(RpcError, error_id='tez'): """ Catch all tez errors """
[docs]class MichelsonScriptRejected(RpcError, error_id='script_rejected'): """ A FAILWITH instruction was reached """