Source code for pytezos.client

from functools import lru_cache
from datetime import datetime
from decimal import Decimal

from import OperationGroup
from pytezos.operation.content import ContentMixin
from pytezos.michelson.interface import ContractInterface
from pytezos.michelson.contract import Contract
from pytezos.interop import Interop
from import get_class_docstring
from pytezos.standards.non_fungible_token import NonFungibleTokenImpl

[docs]class PyTezosClient(Interop, ContentMixin): """ Entry point for a developer, start your script with: `from pytezos import pytezos` """ def __repr__(self): res = [ super(PyTezosClient, self).__repr__(), '\nHelpers', get_class_docstring(self.__class__) ] return '\n'.join(res) def _spawn(self, **kwargs): return PyTezosClient( shell=kwargs.get('shell',, key=kwargs.get('key', self.key) )
[docs] def operation_group(self, protocol=None, branch=None, contents=None, signature=None) -> OperationGroup: """ Create new operation group (multiple contents). You can leave all fields empty in order to create an empty operation group. :param protocol: Leave None for autocomplete, otherwise you know what to do :param branch: Leave None for autocomplete :param contents: List of operation contents (optional) :param signature: Can be set later :rtype: OperationGroup """ return OperationGroup( protocol=protocol, branch=branch, contents=contents, signature=signature,, key=self.key )
[docs] def operation(self, content: dict) -> OperationGroup: """ Create an operation group with single content. :param content: Operation body (depending on `kind`) :rtype: OperationGroup """ return OperationGroup( contents=[content],, key=self.key )
[docs] def account(self, account_id=None) -> dict: """ Shortcut for RPC contract request. :param account_id: tz/KT address, leave None to show info about current key """ address = account_id or self.key.public_key_hash() return[address]()
def balance(self) -> Decimal: return (Decimal(self.account()['balance']) / 10 ** 6).quantize(Decimal('0.000001'))
[docs] def now(self) -> int: """ Timestamp of the current head (UTC). """ constants = # cached ts =['timestamp'] dt = datetime.strptime(ts, '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ') first_delay = constants['time_between_blocks'][0] return int((dt - datetime(1970, 1, 1)).total_seconds()) + int(first_delay)
@lru_cache(maxsize=None) def _get_contract_interface(self, contract_id, factory=Contract): return ContractInterface( address=contract_id,, key=self.key, factory=factory )
[docs] def contract(self, contract_id) -> ContractInterface: """ Get a high-level interface for a given smart contract id. :param contract_id: KT address of a smart contract :rtype: ContractInterface """ return self._get_contract_interface(contract_id)
[docs] def nft_app(self, contract_id) -> ContractInterface: """ Get a high-level NFT interface for a given smart contract id. Read more at :param contract_id: KT address of a smart contract :rtype: ContractInterface """ return self._get_contract_interface(contract_id, factory=NonFungibleTokenImpl)